NOTASCHOOL.COM is for sale

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Dear sir/madam I have listed this domain for sale on and if you are planing to buy a domain for education sector use then you’re at a right place. is a very catchy name, easy to memories, it can be used in education category like School tuition, Private tutoring service, Educational consultant website, Learning resource Management site. as well as you can create directory of institution/college in you area, its a very nice way to monetize you site.

I have 1. , 2. , 3. , 4.

Why this Domain ?

  • Selling price is 25% of appraisal price check here
  • NOTA-SCHOOL is a very catchy name, anyone can easily recall it.
  • Widely used and most demanding extension .COM is available.
  • Along with .com you can buy .net to get .in , extension for free.
  • Great Name for educational site.
  • school‘ is widely used search keyword

To buy visit or you can

Any query feel free to comment below

3 thoughts on “NOTA SCHOOL

  1. 1. FAQ: how much you have to pay if you buy outside GoDaddy.

    Ans: 400$ you have to account transfer through NEFT after receiving the payment I will transfer the domain to you
    but I recommend you to buy through Godaddy premium listing.


  2. 2. FAQ: Will you provide any discount if someone buys .com and .net both?
    ANS: yes why not! you can avail .com and .net both at 700$ and I will also give you and .in for free.


  3. 3. FAQ: What if I will buy only?

    ANS: For only you have to pay 400$. if you want to buy other extensions latter then I can keep it on hold for 3months.

    but it would be better that you buy all the extension to secure your brand name because it can affect the traffic flow of your website.


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